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Program Summary

ACE Academy offers a full-time program specifically designed for the gifted learner. Through interdisciplinary curriculum and relational learning, ACE encourages a global, in-depth perspective in its students. Foreign language, art, music, drama, chess, robotics, and physical education round out core academics.

In addition to the full-time program, ACE offers year-round gifted programming with Summer Wonders. Our summer program is open to any gifted child, regardless of the school they attend.

What is Gifted?

The term "gifted and talented" (GT) is a traditional education term that is often misunderstood and deserves clarification. A commonly accepted statistic is that gifted learners are those who score in the top 5% of IQ tests. A GT student can vary radically in specific abilities or areas (asynchronous development). Because GT children process information differently from the average student, they need a learning environment flexible enough to meet and encourage these differences. Their unique ways of thinking are assets that must be valued and encouraged, or they may be supressed, hidden, or lost. The need for flexible, appropriate education with specific attention to both intellectual and emotional needs is well documented. Our goal at ACE is not to apply a label, but to meet the specific needs of these children.