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Application Process

We accept students throughout the school year as space is available. We currently have limited openings.

Student shadowing days have ended for new applicants. We will, however, have mock school days in the summer; dates will be scheduled soon. If you are applying for Fall 2013, please submit your application as soon as possible.  Space is limited.  All student applicants will be required to attend a mock school day.

How to Apply

1. Learning About the School - To determine if ACE is the right school for your child, you have these opportunities:

  • Information sessions are offered monthly throughout the year and are required for all parents of applying students. For more details, click here. If you would like to attend, please rsvp to

  • Parent Observation - With prior arrangement, we are happy to have parents sit in the classroom for a short period of time to see how we teach, what our students are like and how they interact. To schedule a visit, email

2. Qualifying the Child - Once parents have determined that ACE is the school for their child, we require proof of qualification either in the form of a GT letter of acceptance from a public school or submission of IQ test results (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children for children six years and up or the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence for children under six). IQ testing is offered at ACE but may also be provided by an independent psychologist. For Preschool admissions, we also offer an abbreviated IQ test and a readiness-for-school evaluation. For more information about assessments, click here. To schedule an appointment for assessment at ACE with Karen Langdon, email

3. Submitting a Formal Application - For your child to be considered for admission, you must provide the following:

  • ACE Academy Application

  • $100 Application Fee

  • ACE Parent Questionnaire - We believe you know your child better than anyone. Your thoughtful responses to these questions will help us better understand your child's unique abilities, passions, and needs.

  • Teacher Recommendations

    For students entering 2nd grade and younger: Please have two teachers fill out this form.

    For students entering 3rd grade and older: Please have two current or recent teachers who know your child well and are not related write letters describing your child. We require that these letters be at least half a page, single-spaced in length.

    For students entering 3rd grade and older - a copy of student transcripts and/or report cards from most recent school. Additionally, an English teacher and a Math teacher must submit a copy of this form. These teachers may be the same teachers who wrote your letters of recommendation.

  • Immunization Records - Student immunization records need to be current and in compliance with the Texas Department of State Health Services. For State Required Immunizations, please click here for a PDF. For further information on vaccination requirements, see the State website and direct links below:

  • Portfolio (Optional). If your child is proud of a particular piece of work (art, writing, model, etc.) or if you have a product that you wish to share with the school that shows some particular ability or sensitivity you would like us to be aware of regarding your child, we would love to see it. You may mail these with the other forms or bring it with you to your student’s Shadowing Day.

  • Submit all materials by mail to Karen Langdon, 3801 N. Capital of Texas Highway, E240-158, Austin, Texas 78746.

4. Student Shadowing (required) - After qualifying, children spend part or all of the day at the school to observe and experience the school. Following your child's visit, we will contact you to discuss your child's experience and our staff's impressions. We may ask that your student return for an additional visit.

5. Admissions Review – after the final Student Shadowing Day, the Admissions Office will make a final review of all materials and feedback and make a determination. Notification of the admissions determination may take up to two weeks. Notification will come by phone call or by email and an enrollment contract will follow by email from the Head of School. Enrollment contracts will reflect placements in general program levels; specific class placement may be determined at a later time.

6. Enrollment Meeting – Once you accept an offer of admission, we will contact you to schedule a final Enrollment Meeting. Once you schedule an Enrollment Meeting, it is our expectation that you have chosen ACE for your child and are ready to submit a signed tuition agreement and a non-refundable deposit check of $750 to hold your child's place. The balance of tuition will be spread out as stated in the contract depending on the time of year you enroll your child.


ACE Academy is committed to providing the best possible learning environment for the gifted student, nurturing each child's diverse academic, social and emotional needs with challenging curriculum, warm support and creativity. We look forward to getting to know you and your child during the admissions process.

ACE Academy specializes in educating Gifted and Talented students. Our educators and staff are trained to support the special social and emotional developmental needs of these students. We do not specialize in working with students who have Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, or other developmental disorders that are best served with the support of trained specialists. While learning disorders are just as common in the gifted population as the population-at-large, we are not a specialty school or a therapeutic program. We want to see all students thrive, and as we consider applications we strive to ensure that students are placed in an environment where their needs are truly met.